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Administrator Client, Client, Designer, Server
Help databases

R5 includes Help databases for Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Lotus Domino Designer, and Lotus Domino Administrator. If you install any of these products with the installation CD-ROM, the Help databases are installed by default in the HELP directory of your Notes or Domino data directory.

TitleDatabase file nameDescription
Lotus Notes 5 HelpHELP5_CLIENT.NSFLotus Notes client Help
Lotus Domino 5
Designer Help
HELP5_DESIGNER.NSFLotus Domino Designer and programming language Help
Lotus Domino 5
Administration Help
HELP5_ADMIN.NSFLotus Domino server and Lotjus Domino Administrator Help

You can access Help in the following ways:

PLEASE NOTE: The last update to the on-line Help files references version 5.0.3 on the Welcome Page; subsequent updates to the on-line Help documentation appear in these release notes in Chapter 4 - Documentation Updates.