04 Documentation updates
NotesSession FreeTimeSearch method example

The following example has been updated.

Example: FreeTimeSearch method
This example finds the first 60-minute time slot available for three people.

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim window As NotesDateRange
Dim startDateTime As New NotesDateTime("Today")
Dim endDateTime As New NotesDateTime("Tomorrow")
Dim names(1 To 3) As String
Dim freeTime As Variant
Set window = session.CreateDateRange()
Set window.StartDateTime = startDateTime
Set window.EndDateTime = endDateTime
names(1) = "Robert Erronpay"
names(2) = "Marybeth Enakermay"
names(3) = "Kerry Oodwardway"
freeTime = session.FreeTimeSearch _
(window, 60, names, True)
Messagebox Error$
If (freeTime(0) Is Nothing) Then
Messagebox "No Match Found"
Forall x In freeTime
Messagebox x.Text
End Forall
End If